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Carbon trouble away from the car a few tips

Published:2014-07-10 Hits:
      Gasoline is the main ingredient in the formation of carbon impurities, so the trend of high gasoline cleanliness formation of coke on the weaker. But be careful not mean high-grade quality, grade octane represent oil, and do not represent the quality and cleanliness.
      Some vehicle owners in order to ensure cleanliness of gasoline, gasoline will be used in the practice of adding gasoline detergents. This can effectively prevent the surface of the metal layer is formed of carbon junction, and the original can be gradually activated carbon particles and slowly removed, thereby protecting the engine from damage. But adding gasoline detergent must be careful, if added shoddy products will get the opposite effect.
      Do not idle travel time
      Long idle time, the engine reaches normal temperature required time becomes longer, gasoline is sprayed onto the valve back after slow the rate of evaporation, carbon is also a result. Often idle while driving, the air flow into the engine it is small, so it becomes very weak, will promote the deposition of carbon on carbon scouring action.
      Note that the timing flameout
      For cars equipped with turbochargers, after climbing at high speeds or do not immediately turn off at idle for 10 minutes and then turn off, the car is equipped with a turbocharger speed the formation of carbon than the naturally aspirated type of car to be several times faster.
      Recommends car owners in the routine maintenance of the conditions are met to do something every 20,000 to 40,000 km when cleaning the intake system to avoid demolition, that is the premise of the disintegration of the engine without using special equipment dedicated approach to the vehicle inlet , part of the valve is easy to form coke, oil coke, etc. clearing operation.


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