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How to play Chela

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Clean beauty of the car, one thing is necessary, of course, waxing is indispensable. Some people in this rally is very one-sided understanding of wax, or frequent waxing, or simply do not fight; And not wax the more expensive the better, in fact, these practices are not appropriate. Select the type and variety of different Chela Chela performance, its role and the effect is not the same, so you must be careful in the selection, choose inappropriate not only not protect the body, but to make paint color.
The wax is not necessarily going to car companies, they can also get involved, when hand waxing, first applied in the right amount of wax sponge (dedicated waxing sponge) and then a certain order reciprocating linear painting, every painting should Apply with the region of overlap of the 1/5-4/5. Coated to prevent leakage. Stressed glazing protection. After the vehicle used solid wax, forming a layer of high-gloss paint protective film to prevent paint aging.

High efficiency mechanical waxing, whether mechanical or manual waxing waxing, should ensure spread evenly. Mechanical waxing, the wax coating on the sponge and hand painting process similar. It is noteworthy that in the edges, corners, edges smear should avoid exceeding the paint.

After the body waxing in lights, license plates, doors, cracks in the luggage compartment, etc. will be some residual wax to make the body look very beautiful. Wax scale of these places if not promptly cleaned, and possibly rust. Therefore, be sure to clean up after the kick wax these corners, after waxing, your car will look up.

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