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Effectively reduce tire wear tips

Published:2014-07-10 Hits:
Often and sometimes loss of tires at main driving method has a very direct relationship, skilled, good driving methods and techniques will be very effective in reducing the loss of the tire, extend the life cycle and the life of the tire, while greatly improving traffic safety. So that good driving skilled effective to reduce tire wear.
1 remind you: First, do not start too fast to avoid the tire and road surface drag and accelerate the loss of tire tread;
2 Mercedes-Benz auto parts remind your car turn should be based on a curve road, turning radius, deceleration to the right, to avoid the role of inertia and centrifugal force, greatly accelerated the life cycle and the unilateral use of tires and tire wear and tear, while greatly improve traffic safety;
3 in the downhill, should be based on road conditions, the size of the slope, length, and the traveling velocity at the right, so that the child can be substantially avoided or substantially reduced with the emergency brake, and the resulting reduction for this tire tread wear;
4 uplink car uneven pavement, one should choose a good road, reduce tire and road collisions carom avoid loss Benz auto parts parts and tires, and colleagues also pay attention to slow down to avoid bumps and tires strong vibration damage Benz Automobile accessories;
5 at highway construction sites and road maintenance, the application of safety on the way to slow down by the road, avoiding the Mercedes-Benz auto parts tire subjected to large crashing or being stabbed and scratched, causing damage;
6 When turning in Vehicles, overtaking, through intersections, narrow roads, rail road crossing etc., should control the proper speed and pay attention to the road, pedestrians, vehicle dynamics, ready to brake, less frequent system move, avoid the emergency brake, thereby reducing tire wear and damage to the Mercedes-Benz auto parts;
7 Mercedes-Benz auto parts through muddy lots to remind you, you should choose a more solid, non-skid road through, so Mercedes-Benz auto parts tire subsidence, place to play idling, heat caused the tire sidewall overheating and serious cuts, scratches;
8 Mercedes-Benz auto parts remind you parked vehicles to choose smooth, clean, no oil on the ground parked to avoid the stones wore tires or tire contact with oil.
9 vehicle parking and transit station parking, to develop safe taxiing habits;,
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