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          "Quality products, quality service, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" is our commitment to quality, yaleiao appliances not only provide customers with high quality products, but also to provide customers with excellent service, we produce in a year's starter inside, the right quality problems, the company guaranteed to be repaired or replaced. We have a wealth of business experience in the customer under starter samples can provide pre-paid orders can provide a wide range of starter information to the customer, the customer can help rule out the difficulties encountered and questions. We have a strong technical force and production capacity, the maximum to meet the different requirements of different customers for the product, and we have enough stock, and have developed a variety of models and specifications of automotive starter, the shortest possible under the customer orders timely supply sources to the customer within the time.
        Not only do we have a quality product, there are quality services, reputation with services legislation, as always, fulfill commitments to customers, so that we win the appreciation and trust of our customers.


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