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          On behalf of "The Long Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Shanghai," the staff, thank you for visiting our site, and to extend my cordial greetings to all our friends and sincere blessing. We hope to strengthen the links between each other, become friends forever. Innovation is our values​​; quality is our lifeline; service is our starting point; brand is our long-Jan sail. To "do nothing at all on the first fight," the spirit constitute our material culture, cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, professionalism, innovation, forge ahead, so I became an established cohesion, but also a powerful combat groups! We are willing to cooperate with all friends, struggle together for the development of industrial machinery and write a new chapter. In globalization, the information age is coming today, will usher in a new world full of opportunities and challenges, we are committed to innovative products to domestic and foreign markets, the integration of domestic and international supply system. "People-oriented" is the cornerstone of our growth, "customer satisfaction" is our goal. We will continue to forge ahead, to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, the relentless pursuit of first-class products, for your dedicated service.
       The establishment of the company's Web site, closer to you my distance. Your need is our pursuit; your love is our motivation. Put your hands with our hands together to create a brilliant tomorrow!


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